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Jadual Kehamilan 1-40 minggu

Posted by hamydy on 14, May 2008

Jadual 1-40 minggu

First day Period (LMP)
Last day Period
Approximate Conception Date (+/- 2 days)
End of Week 1 from Conception.  Egg embeds into Uterine wall.
End of Week 3 from Conception.  Positive home pregnancy test.
End of Week 4.  Confirmation with Gynecologist .
End of Week 5. First physical signs.  Enlarging & painful breasts.
End of Week 6. In some countries, first scan.
End of Week 7. First blood tests to check immunities.
End of Week 8. Stomach shows a little… but just a little.
End of Week 9. The heart is going at 130-150 beats per minute.
End of Week 10. Normal first scan
End of Week 11. Check local laws – official papers needed now.
End of Week 12. Moving into second trimester
End of Week 13. Time for the ‘triple test’
End of Week 14. All systems in place
End of Week 15. The first hairs arrive!
End of Week 16. Uterus is about 16 cm.
End of Week 17. First movements of baby may be felt.
End Week 18. Buy the book of names.  It helps with the waiting.
End of Week 19. Half way there
End of Week 20. Baby is half of the size it will be at birth.
End of Week 21. Normal second scan. (Can discover sex of baby!)
End of Week 22. Enjoy this bit.. 
End of Week 23. Your baby begins to remember things!
End of Week 24. About 30cm long and 650g in weight.
End of Week 25. Into third trimester
End of Week 26. Explosion in mother’s size.  Baby has more needs!
End of Week 27. Eyelids split apart. Baby can see things!
End of Week 28. Baby begins to take over your lives.
End of Week 29. Maybe breast milk is produced.
End of Week 30. Back pains and tiredness. Be glad to stop work soon.
End of Week 31. Normal third scan.
End of Week 32. Baby moves more.  Can feel every body shift or kick!
End of Week 33. Don’t get anxious yet! Time enough for that later.
End of Week 34. Prepare that suitcases for the hospital. 
End of Week 35. Baby can descend.  The first signs…
End of Week 36. Rate of growth slows, but still things get bigger…
End of Week 37. All organs mature, except lungs that need a little more.
End of Week 38. (266 Days from Conception) – Estimated birth date


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